White Party Palm Springs 2014 (My experience)

I am back home, after an amazing weekend. While I’m recovering from it, wanted to make a blog entry and just share my thoughts of the weekend.

It was great seeing amazing friends, colleagues, and fans from all over the US, Mexico, Canada, Brazil and Asia all together gathered in Palm Springs this past weekend. And to have been asked to be part of this Iconic Celebration (25 years in the making) was a great honor for me.

CLIMAX Afterhours was just EVERYTHING … seeing all you guys arrive early, ready to have a good time, and just dancing beat after beat, feeding me with your energy was just an experience I can’t describe, and staying through out my set (and Ivan’s) was just a unique experience, that I’ll truly take forever in my heart. More posts from that night will come along, with videos and perhaps pictures on my Fan Page, Youtube and Vimeo … Meanwhile, below are some posts from the weekend, that I compiled through Facebook 🙂 Enjoy them!

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