I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start off my 2016…. Playing for Masterbeat’s SUPERNOVA Afterhours, at one of the best Clubs in Los Angeles, and with an amazing Crowd … It was an experience that I would NOT CHANGE for anything in the world. SUPERNOVA has been one of the best afterhours I have gotten to play at, and I’m still re-playing those moments in my head, and everytime I do – I get...

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EP 33 : Alex Acosta Presents GCircuit SONG KRAN 9 (Special Podcast Edition)

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This is my first podcast for 2015! And this year, I am back to Asia’s Biggest Party weekend: gCircuit’s SONG KRAN. And this year on it’s 9th Edition. I’ll be performing at the PHARAOH Event (Closing Party) on Sunday, April 12. So get ready for it guys! And see you all in Bangkok! Turn it up and enjoy it!

Este es mi primer podcast para el 2015! Y este año tengo el placer de regresar nuevamente a una de las fiestas mas grandes que hay en Asia: el gCircuit SONG KRAN – este año en su Novena...

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