Live at MOMENTUM Into Darkness (At Circus Disco) – Los Angeles, CA USA [MAY 11 2013] (Peter Rauhofer Tribute)

On the week of May 7, 2013 – we all lost a true legend in House Music, more important, in the LGBT Music community. I personally got to work with him at one of his events, and had the opportunity talk to him in several occassions. Peter was definitely someone who started trends, and was someone I always looked up to.
Both videos feature of 2 of some of his latest remixes – the one he did for Adele, and the second one a mix I have dropped everywhere in the world, and always gets a great acceptance from the crowd – and will continue to do. Thank you Peter for all the years of AMAZING music you gave us through all these years- and the last 3 tracks on my set from that night were dedicated to you.

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